UAV Services

UAV Services

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) 

PSG provide a unique UAS service to Private, Corporate, NGO and Government clients worldwide.

PSG UAS's are CAA (Civil Aviation Authority, UK) compliant with all of our pilots / operators qualified through the BNUC-S (Basic National Unmanned Aerial System Certification) scheme. This is the UK benchmark which is regarded as setting the global standard.

PSG have created an interoperable UAS for surveying,surveillance, emergency response, tracking and monitoring. We make effective use of UAS's, pilots, ground vehicles and advanced communication systems, together with the proven Gold, Silver and Bronze command structure utilised by UK emergency services. 

Using military grade communication and broadcast equipment, PSG is able to provide stand alone teams to gather critical data (still pictures, live high definition video, infra red - total darkness filming) to support our clients needs anywhere in the world.

PSG UAS Services

  • Licensed & insured PSG operatives and UAS pilots
  • Reconnaissance & surveying capability
  • Comprehensive real time intelligence - video and imagery - securely broadcast globally
  • Video feed compatible with Government Agency specification facial recognition software
  • Fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft available to support and add further services delivery platforms 

The UAS's used by PSG, are best described as an 'Aerial Intelligence Platform". A discreet aerial vehicle that can capture and transmit high-quality images and video - a flying camera. Control of the vehicle is administered by qualified pilots operating flight planning software, on-board computers, video and photography payloads.

The benefit of PSG UAS services


  • Touchscreen interface
  • Snap together assembly
  • Ready to use in minutes
  • Small team deployable


  • Real time streaming of digital video
  • Ability to fly pre-planned flight paths
  • Ability to fly beyond line of sight


  • Built in, intelligent fault handling
  • Automated pre-flight checks
  • Built in flight simulator to enhance learning


  • Emergency Services command support
  • Accident and crime scene photography
  • Military, Police, Intelligence services
  • Topographical map sampling
  • Aerial surveillance of crowds
  • Orthorectified aerial survey
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Infrastructure inspection
  • Covert reconnaissance
  • Search and Rescue
  • GIS map generation
  • Precision agriculture
  • Tactical surveillance

For further information about PSG UAV services, please contact us.