Anti and Counter Surveillance Services

International Corporate & Private Surveillance and Counter Surveillance Services

Client types benefiting from these services include:

  • High and ultra high net worth clients
  • Celebrity clients, their managers and PR companies
  • Private individuals in matrimonial and civil legal actions
  • Private Offices and personal assistants to clients of accelerated status
  • Official agencies, diplomat, industry representatives and ambassadors
  • Corporate clients including key persons, Chairperson, CEO, CFO, CSO

Our in house experts are drawn from the ranks of official agencies in the United Kingdom, United States, Middle and Far East, Asia Pacific Regions, and consult to multi-national corporations, private security teams as well as law enforcement agencies worldwide.

PSG are a specialist provider in the disciplines of human intelligence (HUMINT), information security (INFOSEC) and Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM).

Given the highly sensitive nature of this service, PSG takes great care in assessing the legitimacy of our potential clients, whilst protecting both theirs and our confidential data. A formal process of due diligence, and the putting in place of strict non-disclosure agreements (NDA's) is followed before surveillance related projects commence. This process is transparent, ethically based and recorded in confidence.

We welcome enquiries and are pleased to tailor our considerable range of services to a clients needs