Emergency, Military and Government Procurement

PSG provides full procurement services for the following client types:

  • Emergency Services Agencies such as Police, Fire and Medical responders
  • Military and official ministries, for their regional and national procurement needs
  • Government agencies such as security services, ministries of interior and defence
  • Commercial and corporate entities entering new markets, requiring support in either procurement of goods and services, or else in establishing themselves as a supplier

PSG has long term relationships with international manufacturers and suppliers to the following sectors:

  • Police, fire and emergency medical operations
  • Aviation UAV systems
  • Maritime, amphibious and coast guard operations
  • Ground forces and land based security / defence operations
  • Disaster response and damage mitigation / critical infrastructure

Extra value which PSG adds to the offering includes:

  • Comprehensive quality management systems built in
  • Direct access and relationships to manufacturers, no middle agents
  • More than 80 years combined expertise in the field of procurement for official agencies
  • Full tailored and accredited training packages available as part of equipment purchases
  • High level access to official grade equipment, services, training, maintenance and sales support


Given the highly confidential nature of this services, enquirers are subject to vetting to the British Standard 7858:2006, which sets out recommendations for the security screening of individuals in an environment where the security and safety of people, goods or property is a requirement of an organization’s operations, or where such security screening is in the public interest.