Private Investigation Services

International Corporate & Private Investigation Services

Note that all corporate and private investigations which we conduct, are subject to the laws and ethical considerations of the countries in which we operate. PSG conducts private investigations using legal, licensed and approved investigators, who use appropriate methodologies and equipment in their duties.

Clients requiring the services of one of our Private Investigators may include:

  • Corporate clients
  • High, ultra high net worth and celebrity clients
  • Private individuals requiring security anywhere
  • Private equity and private banking organisations
  • Celebrity clients, their managers and PR companies
  • Media, NGO, United Nations and charity based groups
  • Official agencies, diplomatic personnel, religious leaders, interior ministries

Using both time tested as well as cutting edge techniques, technology and operational methodology, PSG has the means to provide the most effective investigation service, tailored to the needs of our clients, worldwide.

Examples of investigations which we have managed in the past include:

  • Investigation of theft
  • The locating of missing persons
  • Test purchasing on behalf of corporate clients
  • The tracing of debtors, private and commercial
  • Investigation of cases of fraud, corporate and civil
  • Insurance surveillance on behalf of insurers and the insured
  • The recovery of assets including funds in hidden bank accounts, worldwide
  • Conducting background checks and due diligence for private and corporate clients
  • Criminal and civil legal situations requiring further evidence through private means

Our clients are assured of complete discretion at all times