CSO’s & Corporate Security

Corporate Security

CSO's - Chief Security Officers and Corporate Security Departments

With the ever increasing cuts to large company security budgets, many of our CSO and Corporate Security Department clients now have smaller security departments than they have enjoyed in previous times. This greatly increases the workloads on CSO's and their Department, with larger numbers of (security supplier) relationships to manage worldwide, in times of generally increasing risk.

PSG recognises this and is well aware of the the increased risk experienced by executives who travel, made worse by multiple supplier relationships, often with somewhat opaque sub / sub-sub contracted service delivery agents in the chain without proper due diligence prior to commencement, and little to no supervision / service support through execution of services.

As with any service industry, the noticeable and valuable benefits of having a core supplier such as PSG, include not only the professional skills, training and experience of our Agents, but also the continuity offered by our back office, CRM and dedicated account handling staff. In essence, PSG offers a quality management system for security services worldwide, where we work as an adjunct to CSO's and their Security Departments, for their benefit. KPI's are set by the client, and the service delivery tailored to match these.

PSG has developed a service tailored for CSO’s and Corporate Security Departments. Key features of the service include, but are not limited to:

  • Dedicate Account Manager, to ensure seamless delivery and ongoing tailoring of the service 
  • Secure online portal for tracking of all travellers and accessing of risk assessments and real time reports
  • Situation Reports on key activities of travellers including all movements, itinerary changes, expected events and exceptional reports, along with daily reports bringing all information into one place. This feature alone provides CSO's and their Security Departments with a "finger on the pulse" of every traveller and activity, no matter the time of day. CSO's and their Security Departments do not loose sight or awareness of their clients, at any time, when PSG is the service provider.
  • Local PSG Agents, drivers, vehicles and tracking add on services, for clients travelling with their own security Agent or Team, providing that essential local support and knowledge that is so often lacking.

CSO's are encouraged to contact PSG to discuss their specific security requirements, so that we can produce a tailored proposal with specific offerings and prices for further discussion.