Business Continuity

BCM – Business Continuity Management

PSG consults, plans and responds to a variety of business continuity - impacting scenarios

These include interruptions to normal business operations, as a result of:

  • Changes in technology and infrastructure
  • Temporary or permanent loss of key personnel
  • Internal movement of personnel across departments (succession planning)
  • Kidnap, Ransom, Extortion and Product Contamination type emergencies
  • I.T and cyber attack, resulting in temporary or permanent systems failure
  • Impact factors resulting from the natural world (the environment)
  • Power loss and so resulting lack of access or loss of files
  • Pandemic illnesses effecting staffing levels
  • Natural crisis and disaster
  • Localised major incidents
  • National emergencies
  • Flood and fire damage
  • Terrorist attack

PSG has an in house team of experts whom still consult to governments and official agencies in the United Kingdom, United States, Middle and Far East, and Asia Pacific Regions on business continuity.

Business Continuity covers far more than simply having a “worst case” plan sat on the shelf, ready for the unthinkable.

We understand that resilience and successful business continuity starts with a deep appreciation of the critical and peripheral business activities of an entity, the persons within, the entire supply chain, supplier relations, impact factors and more.

Our BCM – business continuity management services therefore start with a thorough consultation, which may then bring in others areas of our work such as:

  • Business Intelligence
  • General Consultancy
  • Security Products
  • Security Training
  • Crisis Response
  • Insurance

It should be noted that in the modern world, since 9/11 (USA), 7/7 (UK) and recent events in Mumbai and other locations, corporate and private clients the world over are facing increasingly unpredictable risks which effect their ability to not only develop their businesses, but also to work safely at the most basic level.

Any business wishing to have a resilient and intelligent life cycle for its activities, should consider Business Continuity as a normal part of its business processes, and not just a best guess answer to “what if”.