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International Asset Search and Recovery

International Asset Search & Asset Recovery Agency Services

PSG has a range of international asset search and recovery solutions for private and corporate clients

Each solution is individually tailored to the needs of our clients, their wishes and specific circumstances. Our unique strength us our boutique personal approach, combined with our comprehensive global-local reach.

PSG services are managed with complete discretion under the strictest non-disclosure agreements. The PSG reputation has been built on our ability to provided ‘Strategic Global Solutions’ in complex and demanding circumstances.

PSG Agents are mostly senior former intelligence agents and handlers with backgrounds in the disciplines of covert collection and collation of intelligence, backed by experiences analysts who then follow every lead developed in the field, following a forensically applied and proven investigative model which is the envy of the public sector.

Our enhanced intelligence, due diligence and asset / protection recovery services fall under numerous headings. These include but are by no means limited to:

  • Asset Recovery operations
  • Mergers and acquisition intelligence
  • Joint Venture partner vetting and profiling
  • Large loan transaction security and vetting
  • White collar crime prevention, detection and prosecution

Fraud is a booming business. The list of companies falling victim to fraudulent acts continues to grow at a rapid pace and the perpetrators of these crimes are thinking bigger and becoming more sophisticated. In order to plan and perpetuate a fraud, fraudsters rely on a series of assumptions. One assumption is that few corporations or creditors will allocate the necessary budget to pay for the services required to unravel a complicated scheme and are more likely to write off losses or other bad debt rather than “throw good money after bad”. A further assumption the perpetrators make is that they will go unpunished and that the money will never be found, let alone recovered. Consequently, increasingly, a major component of modern fraud planning is the use of elaborate schemes to hide assets from victims, creditors or other counter parties.

The belief that the money will never be found, however, is often wrong. By employing investigative techniques and making use of various legal remedies, there is a significant probability that the fraudsters methods can be exposed and the hidden or missing assets can be identified and recovered in a cost-effective manner.

PSG Asset Search and Recovery Solutions

PSG specializes in international asset intelligence investigations for ‘private clients, law firms, corporations, banks and bankruptcy trustees; having located assets concealed or undisclosed in the U.S., the Caribbean Basin, Switzerland and other offshore “safe havens”.

PSG and our strategic partners are recognized as world leaders in asset search and recovery services. Investigations have yielded substantial results; recovering to date over $10 billion worldwide for clients.

Part of our success is due to the use of available English common law provisional remedies to assist lawyers around the globe in freezing assets. As a result, we have an extensive network of legal experts in various jurisdictions throughout the world with the proven ability to freeze assets and collect on judgments.

Our staff consists of former intelligence and investigative professionals throughout the U.S., Canada, Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia. Our global presence has allowed our investigators to follow the movement of money between continents, often exposing multinational shell corporations, previously unidentified assets and illegal money laundering operations.

Tactics for Recovery

The first step toward recovering stolen and / or undisclosed assets begins in the research department. Our experience has shown that the quickest and most cost effective way to approach an investigation is to first examine all the information available in the public domain. Our researchers have in house access to over 2,000 databases worldwide which allow them to comb the public record for clues and intelligence. All leads are followed up on with a field investigation comprising of ‘Human Intelligence Gathering’ (HUMINT). Our agents covertly acquire information, utilising our extensive network of assets internationally and collecting / collating information before an in depth analysis in then conducted.

The next step in the investigative process is to take a close look at the lifestyle of the subject, including an examination of their spending habits, relationships, investments, property, and other financial dealings. Investigators examine how well a subject meets their monthly financial obligations. If a person is spending money, but appears to have no source of income, chances are the funds are hidden in offshore bank accounts. In addition, investigators search any litigation history involving the subject or their businesses. Often, assets may be found attached to a judgment that would not be otherwise uncovered. Assets belonging to a subject’s family, or corporations associated with the subject are also inspected.

By utilising the techniques described above, as well as other legal investigative tools which we understandably do not list publicly, investigators begin to piece together a road-map leading toward the hidden assets. It is however not uncommon for the investigator to encounter roadblocks along the way. In order to circumvent these obstacles we work simultaneously with attorneys and forensic accountants to build legal remedies to ultimately freeze assets and demonstrate a nexus between the assets, the debt, and perhaps a fraud. Using a combination of investigative services, such as those offered by PSG and the instruments available through the courts, companies, creditors and victims of fraud can recover the assets they once believed they would never see again.

How We Operate:

PSG business philosophy has always dictated that we will only take on work when we are confident that we can be effective. Therefore clients are advised to provide us with all available information about the prospective target, as well as any concerns regarding the investigation. In return, a detailed written proposal with price and time quotes will be prepared within a short timeframe. PSG will quote a "project cost" for asset search investigations, based  upon the following factors:

  • Quantity and quality of information provided at the outset by the client
  • Number of persons to be investigated in the course of the operation
  • Geographical location of the targets and number of geographical locations involved

A two phased process:

In Phase I, we will put together a “blueprint” which identifies assets and banking information, and then provide the client with a preliminary written report. Upon completion of Phase I, the client determines whether or not to proceed in depth.

In Phase II, the full operation is conducted, including the identification, freezing and collection of assets discovered. Note that our fees do not include the legal fees for any actions performed by attorneys in foreign jurisdictions where we will be freezing assets. For every operation, a full costings analysis is of course conducted, prior to the investigation being conducted.