The PSG corporate aim:

To deliver outstanding service to our clients, whoever and wherever they are, with whatever risks they face, and to ensure that all of our clients are able to concentrate on their day to day lives and business, whilst trusting us to deal with all matters related to their security with absolute discretion and confidence

Our Company Values, which underpin every activity in which we engage, are:

  • Tact

Understanding the cultural differences which make the world such a colourful place, we strive to operate with tact and sensitivity, without compromising our clients safety, security or welfare

  • Honesty

Understanding that once trust is broken, it is rarely bestowed again, we operate with integrity and maintain confidences in all circumstances

  • Discretion

Understanding in the course of our duties, we often become aware of personal, commercial and other sensitive information, we adhere to strict NDA’s – non disclosure agreements in every relationship

  • Transparency

Aware of the need for clients, official agencies and appropriate others to understand the processes which govern our actions, we publish and comply with appropriate policies, allowing oversight from recognised licensing entities

  • Professionalism

We maintain our professionalism through continuous professional development (training), exposure to a wide variety of operational activities (service delivery) and keeping close contact with subject experts (authenticity) to ensure best practices are embedded and updated in our business activities

  • Duty of care

Respectful of the positions of trust which we hold on behalf of our clients, personnel, colleagues and partners, we ensure that Health, Safety, Welfare and Equal Opportunities are common threads throughout all of our business activities

  • Embracing of diversity

A diverse team is a one in which every member is valued, regardless of their age, gender, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or personal beliefs (so long as they do not contradict our other corporate values). We champion diversity in all levels of our organisation

  • Environmentally responsible

Further wide ranging initiatives throughout the organisation are to follow, limited only by the operational need to deliver services where no carbon neutral option is available. PSG is actively striving to become a carbon neutral organisation. We have started by moving all of our eCommerce and web based activities to a solar powered server farm.

Partnerships and collaborations: As a responsible company, we will only cooperate and partner with other companies and groups whom agree to be measured by the above values