About Us

Internation Personal Protection & Investigation Services

International Personal Protection Security Services for VIP, Executive & Corporate Clients

PSG is an integrator, with the ability to provide simple or complex personal security solutions to any number of issues which our high profile, corporate, executive or private clients face. We design, deliver, operate, assess and refine holistic security solutions for our clients. We believe that there are no "one size fits all" strategies of any worth.

Alongside our UK and international personal protection security services, we also offer a number of bespoke security services to protect the interests of VIPs and our corporate and executive clients.

Client groups

PSG provides professional and qualified advice discreetly, on every aspect of security including personal protection, business risk and intelligence, asset management and recovery, training programs, response to kidnap – ransom – extortion, enhanced due diligence, specialized analysis and security related products, for:

  • The media
  • Private, VIP individuals
  • Private family offices
  • Academia and think tanks
  • Executive, Corporate and Group clients
  • Official and governmental agencies
  • Military and law enforcement groups
  • Private equity and sovereign wealth funds
  • Non-governmental organisations (NGO’s)
  • High and ultra high net worth persons and groups
  • Management companies dealing with major brands, talent and events

Core services

  • Managing all types of private and commercial risk
  • Personal Close Protection Services / Executive Protection, overt and covert
  • Business continuity, organizational resilience consultancy
  • Due diligence, basic, enhanced and deep levels of investigation 
  • Investigation, private, commercial, official and counter surveillance
  • Specialist surveillance, including UAV and Fixed Wing aircraft services
  • Private air transport services, including dedicated aircraft and pilots
  • Physical security, all aspects human, electronic and cyber
  • Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion insurance and resolutions
  • Security, consultancy, training, services and products
  • Luxury sector services, products and consultancy
  • Post conflict support, rebuilding and consultancy
  • Global medical support, services and products
  • Operational and reputation risk consultancy
  • Information security and cyber defense

Qualified opinions

PSG has a breadth of knowledge, global reach and ongoing cycle of operational services and training programmes which enable us to provide some of the highest quality and relevant security services available. The advice and services which we offer, all take into account the unique requirements of each and every client, informed by our global view and real world experience.

Expert delivery

Our people are the key to our success, and that of our clients. Our personnel are sourced from major nations law enforcement departments, emergency services, the military, diplomatic, intelligence and trade organisations, as well as the higher echelons of the financial, medical, academic and journalistic sectors.